Research Colloquium

Cognitive Psychology and Psychoneuroendocrinology

SoSe 2021 - Tuesday, 16:00-17:30h

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13.04.2021: The neural processing of episodic and conditioned memory reconsolidation

Dongni Pan
Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

20.04.2021: Colloquium is cancelled
27.04.2021: Virtual IGSN conference; Colloquium is cancelled
04.05..2021: Long-term effects of antenatal synthetic glucocorticoids on epigenetic regulation of stress-associated genes

Svenja Müller
Genetic Psychology, RUB

11.05.2021: Stimulus-based extinction generalization: Neural correlates and influence of cortisol

Bianca Hagedorn
Cognitive Psychology, RUB

18.05.2021: Virtual EMHFC@home, Colloquium is cancelled
25.05.2021: Pfingst-Holidays, no colloquium
01.06.2021: Immediate and prolonged effects of reinterpretation and distancing: An ERP study

Raphaela Zehtner
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

08.06.2021: Replication, verification and tribulation: A disconcerting story on behavioural memory updating

Tom Beckers
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences & Leuven Brain Institute; KU Leuven

15.06.2021: Rapid and delayed stress effects on memory retrieval

Lisa Pötzl
Cognitive Psychology, RUB

22.06.2021: Influence of stress on retrieval of aversive and appetitive counterconditioning in an instrumental task

Katharina Beck
Cognitive Psychology, RUB

29.06.2021: Smells like stress: Interactive effects of hedione, stress, and social cognition

Anika Pützer & Niklas Schürmann
Cognitive Psychology, RUB

06.07.2021: Blood glucose level, stress reactivity and cognitive performance

Tobias Rüttgens
Cognitive Psychology, RUB

13.07.2021: Neural correlates of trauma-analogue memory intrusions

Malte Kobelt & Gerd Waldhauser
Neuropsychology, RUB